Professional grade cold & hot tubs for the wellness, therapy, and athletic industries.

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What we Provide

Customized solutions for your project.

We work with you every step of the way to ensure your hydrotherapy equipment meets your expectations. Whether it is the main feature of your business or taking care of your high performing athletes, our hydrotherapy equipment helps you get the job done. Think of your hydrotherapy equipment as a member of your staff. Hard working, reliable, and professional.

HydroTec’s team has experience building equipment in existing floor plans as well as new construction facilities. We work with the owners, your builders, and your architects to get the job done right.

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How We Can Help

Custom Builds

We create custom hydrotherapy tubs specific to your facility and your needs.

Collaborative Installation

Installation can be confusing and time consuming... we do it for you.

Easy Maintenance

We show you how to keep your hydrotherapy tubs clean and running safely.

What we Build

Custom Hydrotherapy Tanks!

  • Wellness studios
  • Fitness studios
  • Boutique hotels
  • Athletes
  • Collegiate sports programs
  • Or people who just need recovery!
Hydrotub Details
Building a hydrotherapy tub

3- Simple Steps

You're at a crossroads. You know you need the recovery but you don't have time to figure it out on your own. Let us help you streamline this process.



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Our Story

HydroTec was started to solve problems. In fact, solving problems is how founders Jon Grimm and Delfin Ward met. In 2017 Delfin and his wife were building a performance & recovery center in a historic power plant building in downtown Austin, Texas. Because of their healthcare background, they knew they wanted professional grade cold tubs & hot tubs for their clients. Also, this historic location was subject to more planning reviews and they learned the tubs needed to pass city permitting. Most tub products available are considered residential grade and the manufacturers could not modify their tubs to state & city specifications in order to pass permitting. They looked at every single tub product on the market and nothing would meet permitting specs. That's where Jon steps in.

Delfin in a ice bath

Delfin Ward, Partner

Delfin started off helping people in the healthcare world as an occupational therapist where he used therapies such as cold & hot modalities to help his patients improve. He later co-founded Generator Athlete Lab, a wellness & fitness studio in Austin, TX,  which has provided him the experience of building a successful & growing business centered around wellness services. Outside of HydroTec, Delfin loves finding the best tacos and cruising around town in his classic car with his wife & kids.

Jon Grimm Headshot

Jon Grimm, Founder

Jon has been building custom cold & hot tubs for 20+ years and whose work can be found in championship winning teams across the country. Outside of HydroTec, Jon is a brewing enthusiast, volunteers at the local Ohio rowing teams as a timekeeper, and a huge Beatles fan.

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Client testimonial
"The unit is working great!!! Really performs much better than the other units I have tried in the past. Thank you so much for your service. It has made our facilities run better."
- Cameron C
Sitting in a hydrotherapy tub
How we are different

Why HydroTec

We make professional grade hydrotherapy equipment for your business & professional setting. Compared to residential grade cold plunge tubs and ice bath products, our professional grade tubs are built to perform better, last longer, and stay cleaner in your high usage setting.

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Evaluate the root cause of your pain.

Custom recovery plan.

Unlimited email support so that you feel supported every step of the way

Free exercise bands



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Evaluate the root cause of your pain.

Custom recovery plan.

Unlimited email support so that you feel supported every step of the way

Free exercise bands

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