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What is contrast hydrotherapy?

Contrast hydrotherapy (water therapy) is alternating from cold water to hot water, and in our case, a jetted tub. This process of alternating between cold and water can cause constriction & dilation of the blood vessels, leading to a pump effect. Water is an ideal medium for this desired effect due to hydrostatic pressure and the fact that water is a better thermal conductor than air.

How do I know if a HydroTec product is right for my business or organization?

Schedule a call with us! We love to nerd out on hydrotherapy and help with problem solving. We can collaborate to build a solution for your existing space or in your new construction project.

What is the difference between a water cooled and air cooled unit?

A water-cooled cold tub cools down the condenser and refrigeration system using water. A water-cooled unit should be installed in space with or near a drain to remove excess water.

An air-cooled cold tub uses a fan internally to cool down the unit. It takes in air from the surrounding environment to cool the condenser and other areas of the refrigeration system. An air-cooled cold tub works best in a cool space (below 75 degrees Fahrenheit) and 6-12 inches away from other equipment. Proper air circulation is required so that the unit will not be overworked.

What are the pros of a Water-Cooled Cold Tub?

Quiet operation – A water-cooled cold tub runs quietly whereas the air cooled fans tend to generate noise.

Low power consumption – The cold tub uses water to cool down, meaning it is more energy efficient.

Versatility – Water cooled units work well in difficult areas like warm climates or small spaces where proper air ventilation isn’t possible, for instance in a small room with a sauna.

Why Choose a Water-Cooled Cold Tub?

If your cold tub will be located in a room with a sauna or if your facility is in a warm weather climate, a water-cooled cold tub may be your best option. A water cooled cold tub doesn’t require cool ambient air to function properly, and you can place it in a small space near other types of equipment, like saunas. Also, water cooled units use less electrical power than its counterparts, saving you money on utility bills.

What are the pros of an Air-Cooled Cold Tub?

Low water consumption – The cold tub uses air to cool down, consuming less water.

Commonly used – Air cooled products are common- from your refrigerator to your air conditioner.  When they do need servicing, a properly trained technician knows how to repair and maintain them.

Cost effective – Its technology is very basic, which makes the machine more affordable.

Why Choose an Air-Cooled Cold Tub?

Require less plumbing and the installation is easier as it is plugged into the specified electrical outlet.

Your room has adequate circulation. An indoor air cooled cold tub located next to a sauna will cause the unit to work harder to cool the water.

What is so cool about your Contrast unit?

Our contrast tubs are engineered to extract heat from the cold tub water and then transfer that heat to the hot tub water. Most cold tub units reject the heat pulled from the cold water back into your room and consequently increase the room air temperature.

What is your customer support?

We understand that your HydroTec unit is part of your business/organization and  we’re here to be responsive and support you however we can. We provide online and phone support, and when necessary an on-site service can be scheduled by one of our technicians.

What does repair and maintenance look like?

We designed our HydroTec units to be reliable & dependent, just like your best employee. We use professional grade components and proprietary HydroTec components. When parts need to be replaced, most can be found at your local pool or refrigerant supply store. We designed our units to be easily accessible if it needs to be serviced by a local technician.

Simple maintenance includes draining & cleaning the tanks, swapping out the filters, and filling  your unit back up. Our user manual will provide step by step instructions and some pro tips for operation.

Am I able to operate the tubs chemical free?

The short answer is yes, especially with our autofill unit that essentially refreshes the water when it is displaced during usage.  The refreshing of the water helps with the cleanliness of the water.

To be noted: depending on your local permitting office, your facility may be required to have additional satiation requirements, for example  using a sanitizer like bromine to disinfect the water. In those situations we can design and build the specified parts and functions so that your unit will pass inspection. We have designed and built tubs throughout the country according to their local requirements.

How is my HydroTec unit installed?

We offer installation supervision with every HydroTec purchase. Our factory technician will deliver your hydrotherapy equipment unit and then supervise its unloading and placement in the hydrotherapy area. Prior to production, we will ensure your unit fits your space and can be moved through doorways. Finally, our factory representative will do a full in-service with your staff.

Can I change the water easily?

Your HydroTec unit is plumbed at the bottom of the tub with a large 1 ½” diameter drain for a faster drain. The bottom drain can be plumbed or attached to a hose for easy draining. Refil times can vary depending on the size of your unit and the water pressure in your facility. Once the water has returned to temperature your unit will be ready for use.

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