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Our Story

HydroTec was started to solve problems.  In fact, solving problems is how founders Jon Grimm and Delfin Ward met. In 2017 Delfin and his wife were building a performance & recovery center in a historic power plant building in downtown Austin, Texas. Because of their healthcare background, they knew they wanted professional grade cold tubs & hot tubs for their clients. Also, this historic location was subject to more planning reviews and they learned the tubs needed to pass city permitting. Most tub products available are considered residential grade and the manufacturers could not modify their tubs to state & city specifications in order to pass permitting. They looked at every single tub product on the market and nothing would meet permitting specs. That's where Jon steps in.

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"Jon is the vanilla Ice of hydrotherapy equipment.
If there was a problem, yo, he'll solve it."
HydroTec equipment

Delfin & Jon

When Delfin met Jon, he was working for the family hydrotherapy business that his father started, which exclusively focused on professional sports teams. Jon has 20+ years of experience designing, building, and installing professional grade hydrotherapy equipment for professional and collegiate sports teams across the country. Because of his background, Jon was well versed in building tubs to meet local specifications and exceed the needs of the professional organization clients.

We told Jon of our vision and he was able to design, build to specifications, deliver, and install Delfin's tubs. Delfin was Jon's first wellness business client and soon thereafter they formed a partnership based on the idea of making cold tubs specifically for the wellness industry.

As the studies of the benefits of cold water immersion increased, boutique wellness studios, spas, fitness centers, and hotels were wanting to add hydrotherapy equipment to their business. Jon and Delfin knew they could meet that need with the proper professional equipment. They started HydroTec to focus on the wellness, therapeutic, and athletic industry.

Their vision is to help the wellness industry spread the power of cold water immersion and contrast hydrotherapy in order to help improve the health & wellness of the communities that they serve.

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